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“The world is full of resources, awesome destinations and opportunities”…..! True story.

People desire to have quality life, having a good time and to enjoy life, to indulge and experience true happiness in all forms, Others yearn to make a difference, to lead and to leave impactful legacies through supporting humanity, environment, research, and just anything that improves the quality of life and sustainable development of the world…Helping them amplify their brand and story as local and global leaders in all areas of human needs. In fact, everyone has a dream! Read More


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Our meticulous planning, in-depth knowledge, honest advice, and financial protection all ensure that you will enjoy the most memorable holiday experience.

The Brazilian Carnival

FAHARI GLOBAL is again taking you to the world’s biggest party …. The 2018 RIO CARNIVAL!

The Brazilian carnival is ranked number one on the world tourism calendar! The Carnival is the world’s most famous festival.

Each year Rio Carnival gets bigger and bigger and the events get better and better. Rio Carnival 2018 promises to be the best Carnival to date! Taking place in the Brazilian city of Rio de Jeneiro, the carnival attracts over a million tourists!

Come see the famous Christ the Redeemer, The Copa Cabana Beaches, take a ride in the exciting cable cars plus much more!

Tickets are selling out very fast.  It’s very important for us to plan your trip ahead of time and make all necessary bookings!

We have limited places left and bookings (50%) close on 30thth November 2017

Carnival dancers





Who we are?

We are social entrepreneurs linking people and organizations to global opportunities and resources. Read More

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“Harnessing global opportunities and resources through linkages and partnerships for sustainable development”

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“Making people and organizations realize dreams…- impacting lives” Read More

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