About Us

Affordable housing under the management of Universal M Enterprises has established it’s self with firm genuine roots of being the unmatched leader of housing in Uganda..
Affordable housing has offered the solution to the anticipated housing deficit of this country by jumping violently to bridge that gap….To put this in perspective this is equivalent of all the projects constructed to beat the challenge
Its not secret how we have fallen up ahead in keeping the country’s accommodation needs by providing purely affordable secure homes for the rapidly popping corn of population….
This population has come with demands suffocating the housing sector and has resulted into increasing slum and informal settlement which could actually lead or has led to most urban places being slums but affordable housing has gradually replaced the slums with apartments to offer a decent free over crowding accommodation to cater for the growths rates with all their sophisticated homes. With these homes being  in the urban center and so affordable with the policies from us of 30% payment deposit hence fighting the high rate of renting caused by high housing costs making it affordable for all families.  The homes are both ownership and rental property hence reducing information settlement and housing


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